The Future

Hello everyone,maps

I have some changes to my blog I would like to tell you all about. From now on I won’t be doing only review posts. Instead my blog will include:

  • Book Reviews (one a month)
  • Series/Trilogy Reviews (only when I’ve finished a series or trilogy of books)
  • Book Recommendations (one a month)
  • Monthly Book Hauls
  • Monthly Wrap Ups

I’m changing the contents of my blog so I can focus more of the positives of books and being a reader. Of course there will be some negatives if I don’t think much of the books I review but that is exactly why I decided to do recommendations which will hopefully help me focus on good books that I think should get as much love as they can whether they are well known or little known books. I do hope you all enjoy the new content in my blog and that the information I give to you will help you find and love new and amazing books!

Let’s look forward to the future of my blog!

Rachel x


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