Court Of Bookmarks

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Handmade Bookmarks, Made In The UK!

Hello everyone,

I am sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately but that is exactly why I am making this post.

Over the last month or so I have been making handmade bookmarks ready to sell on Etsy. The shop is called Court Of Bookmarks and all the bookmarks featured are made by yours truly.

The shop will Open on Sunday 25th June at 1pm (BST) and will only be selling to the UK for the first month of being open. On August 1st I will then broaden my shipping area to worldwide, hopefully.

For the time being there are 13 different listings to choose from and once the stock I have them sell out all the bookmark will be made to order.

If you’d like more information on my Etsy shop or to see what kind of bookmarks I have to offer before the Opening of the shop then you are more than welcome to check out my Instagram account @courtofbookmarks, I will also leave a link to the shop on my contact/social media page along with other ways to find out what happening with it and ways to contact me with inquiries or questions.

Hope some of you may become customers and thank you for reading.

Until next time, enjoy reading!

Rachel x


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