July Book Haul

This month I haven’t bought a single book. You heard me right, not a single book, but I have received a book nonetheless.


For this month I refrained from buying books so I could buy some other bookish things instead that I wouldn’t usually buy. This included Candles and a Book Buddy.

What I Bought

  • Small Fox Book Sleeve – Sold by MelvisMakes (can be found on Etsy)
  • Daylighter Candle, inspired by Simon in The Mortal Instruments series – Sold by PaperFlamesCandleCo (can be found on Etsy)
  • Le Cirque Des Reves candle, inspired by the book The Night Circus – Sold by PaperFlamesCandleCo (can be found on Etsy)

What I won

  • Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, 20th Anniversary Slytherin edition (other houses are available but Slytherin Pride) – Sold by Book Depository (but can be found in any book selling establishment or site with decent book taste)
  • Lucien candle, inspired by Lucien in ACOTAR – Sold by BookwormCandlesAndCrafts (can be found on Etsy and http://bookwormcandlesandcrafts.bigcartel.com/ )

As well as these I also ordered some Harry Potter starter tins (2oz) from BookwormCandlesAndCrafts but as they are made to order I won’t recieve them until next month and I can’t wait to get them!

So, as you can see, I didn’t get much this month but what I did get I absolutely love so smiles all round. And now I can have the wonderful scent of Daylighter burning while I try to read through the Mortal Instruments series!

Until next month, enjoy your reading!

Rachel x


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