July Wrap Up

So after last months reading slump I’m finally back to reading a decent amount of books again! Last month I was trying to finish The Fireman by Joe Hill butIMG_20170731_105230_254 it was so long and took me so long to read because I’m not used to reading long books (my average 300-500 pages, The Fireman is 762) but aside from that it was a really good book and a really interesting take on the Apocalypse SciFi genre.

So, this month I read:

The Fireman – 4 Stars

The Sun Is Also A Star – 5 Stars

Three Dark Crowns – 4 Stars

Holding Up The Universe – 4.5 Stars

I also started rereading City Of Bones which is nothing like I remember it but it is about 5 years since I first read so I’m not surprised! Anyway, all the books I read this month were great and I love them and I’m looking forward to reading more next month.

Happy reading in August everyone!

Rachel x


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