August TBR

IMG_20170801_110804_472For the last few months I haven’t had a monthly TBR pile. Why? Because I have never completed one in the given month. So what do I do now and why am  I making a TBR post if I don’t have a TBR? Well I’m glad you asked (even though you probably didn’t).

Instead of a TBR pile I now have a TBR Jar from which I pick one book a month to read, that way I don’t get stuck in a reading slump if I lose interest in my TBR pile and only have a commitment to one book a month. It also means I have free reign for what books I read throughout the month making it far easier and enjoyable for me to read! As well as this it means what I read next isn’t obvious because I can read anything I want instead of what’s  on the pile.

Now I know TBRs  aren’t set in stone but some people to live by them even if they’re not enjoying the book they’re reading so I much prefer it this way as I can guarantee that I’ll be reading something I enjoy throughout the month. I’m sure some of you love the order and organisation of a TBR pile but we all know I’m a little more go with the flow. Organised chaos and all that, it’s just how I like things!

So, from my TBR Jar this month I got the Thriller novel Girl Unknown by Karen Perry. This book sounds really interesting. It’s about a girl who shows up at a professor’s class claiming to be his daughter but he and his family are all suspicious of her. Maybe even think she’s there for malice sake. And eventually their lives starts to fall apart.

I’m really excited to start reading this and maybe a few other Thrillers this month because I have so many that need to be read but I may through a little fantasy or contemporary into the mix too, we’ll see!

Have a great August of reading everyone!

Rachel x


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