My Favourite Books So Far Of 2017

I was going to keep going with a sort of theme to my posts but I decided instead I’ll just what I like when I like whilst keeping  Reviews, Recommendations, Book Hauls and Wrap Ups but it’ll be better for me because I won’t feel so obligated to write everything up beforehand and it’ll make it more fun for me and everyone reading! Or at least I hope, so without further ado, here are my favourite books of 2017 so far!


In January I only actually read one book and I didn’t even finish in January but nevertheless it was a great book and the first I reviewed of here if I remember correctly.

That book was Banquet Of The Damned by Adam Nevill, a supernatural tale or demons, witchcraft and Brummie rockers in search of their big break! It was a really fun read and even gave me palpitations at times from the strange goings on and phantom creature. It’s a really well written book with lovely suspense and amazing detail. I honestly loved that book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes horror and occult based books!

Awarded 4 stars


Now for February I would talk about All The Bright Places because I adored that book but something far better happened in February. I read Harry Potter for the first ever time! I know, 21 years old and hasn’t read Harry Potter, well in my defense I didn’t start actively reading until I was 15 and I wasn’t much into fantasy until I was about 20 so I have my reasons but I am ever so glad I finally gave in to the temptation.

I honestly didn’t think it would live up to the 20 years worth of hype but boy oh boy was I wrong. I loved Philosopher’s Stone and Neville instantly became my favourite Character of the books as well as the films. Of course the Golden Trio were and always will be great but Neville has a special place in my heart! Maybe it’s because we’re both so clumsy!

Anyway, it also prompted me to take the Pottermore quizzes and I found that I am a Slytherin (always knew I would be), with a wand of  apple wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ¾” and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility. I also found out my Patronus which is a Dragon (my favourite creature!) Oh, and my Ivermorny house is Pukwudgie! All very exciting I know!

Awarded 4 Stars


The Night Circus is one of my most favourite books of this year! It’s just so magical, quirky and tragic. It’s such a perfect and fantastical story to me, I utterly loved it when I read and is one of the few books I would definitely want to read again, maybe sometime near Christmas! I loved it so much I even got myself a candle inspired by it which smells amazing and I’m really not one for candles usually but Bookstagram can change a girl!

The love story between Celia and Marco is so beauty and yet so tragic that you have to love it yourself and they are such strong characters. They easily draw you into the story and the Circus builds up around you as you read as if it really is a dream. It’s so adorably amazing and keeps you between the pages until the very last. I will always recommend this book to anyone who likes a mix of fantasy, romance and pure quirkiness!

Awarded 5 Stars


My next book is a Thriller. I’m usually more of a Horror girl but I decided to get a few thrillers that I found fairly cheap online and I am kind of hooked now thanks to this book. It’s a book called Ragdoll by Daniel Cole. It’s about a body that has been found but the body is made up of multiple people’s body parts and Detectives Fawkes and Baxter have a race to stop the killer before anymore creative cadavers are found.

It’s a fairly grim tale and can be quite graphic at times so if you don’t like things like that then I would warn you to be cautious if you read Ragdoll but it is a great book nevertheless! It goes deep into the workings of both the minds of good and evil and shows how we can act in desperate situations. The Characters are written well just as the gore and mental development is meaning for a suspenseful read that makes you question your own mind and judgement.

Awarded 4 Stars


A Court Of Thorns And Roses. A lot of people know this book and the hype for it is unreal but it is worthy of the hype. I was originally very suspicious of all the hype but then I actually bought all three books and read them all back to back which I usually can’t do because I can lose concentration if I try to read a series back to back. But, these books didn’t only keep my attention, they always left me wanting more and to continue reading even if it was nearing the dawn.

Okay these may just been some fantasy crap but this fantasy crap for the big kids, there is blood, there is swearing and by the cauldron is there sex! These books even have a warning because of the adult themes you can find within the pages but here’s the thing. It’s not smutty, it’s not offensive, it’s truthful and compelling and develops the Characters and the story constantly. Don’t assume this will be some fairy 50 Shades because I said there was sex. It is so much more than that and hell is it classy and funny and sincere. If you have not read these books yet then I suggest you do because you are missing out!

ACOTAR – Awarded 4 Stars

ACOMAF – Awarded 5 Stars

ACOWAR – Awarded 5 Stars


Who loves a good tart? Well the Queen of Hearts of course! Heartless is a lovely prequel to Alice’s Adventure’s In Wonderland. Baking, mock turtles and tea parties! What else could you want in the work of Wonderland? Well, besides love and tragedy and trying to follow your dreams of course you want to know how the sweet Catherine became the terrible Queen Of Hearts, a woman so heartless she won’t hesitate at cutting off a crooks head!

Between the quirkiness and the love story between Catherine and Jest the story subtly develops Catherine’s character in a way that even though you know she will turn cruel and wicked it still knocks you off your feet when she does. It’s so unexpected ever though you knew it would happen from the moment you picked up the book but you just can’t help but feel sorry for the Queen Of Hearts anyway.

Awarded 4.5 Stars


I’m going to be a little bias on this one. So, something you don’t know about me is I’m fairly big, I mean personality wise and physically so when I read Holding Up The Universe I fell in love because I could relate so much to the story of Libby Strout. Okay I’ve never been beg enough to be America’s Biggest Teen (I’m from England anyway) but I’ve always been big. Ever since I was little I’ve been chubby and I don’y care, it’s who I am and I love myself enough to be comfortable with my big build.

Why am I telling you this? Well, if you have ever felt self conscious about any part of yourself then read this book! Okay it seems a little problematic at times but stick with it does all make sense in the end. I mean, the only think I though seemed slightly problematic was that Jack questions his attraction to Libby but that’s probably because he’s always acted like a stereotypical jerk and with reason. So, even for that little glitch (which makes sense in the end) it is a fantastic book and made me feel so proud to be who I am and how I am. It tells no lies, it doesn’t sugarcoat or airbrush! It shows you every stretch mark and extra tire and makes you love who you are whether you’re short, tall, fat, skinny. No matter your race or your sexuality. It makes you proud to be you no matter what other people might say or think!

Awarded 5 Stars

So, they’re my favourite read of 2017 so far and there are so many more I have to read including the rest of the Harry Potter series (only up to Goblet Of Fire). I hope the second half of the year is as cram packed with books as the first and they’re all just as amazing!

Have fun reading and remember to love yourself no matter what! Until next time!

Rachel x


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