TBR Top 5 – Thrillers

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and post at least 3 times a week so over the next week or so I’m going to do a tiny series on “TBR Top 5” where I’ll post my top TBR reads of different genres starting with Thrillers. These posts will include a synopsis and why I am looking forward to reading them most.

1 – Eeny Meeny20170806_103604


Two people are abducted, imprisoned, and left with a gun. As hunger and thirst set in, only one walks away alive.

It’s a game more twisted than any Detective Helen Grace has ever seen. If she hadn’t spoken with the shattered survivors herself, she almost wouldn’t believe them.

Helen is familiar with the dark sides of human nature, including her own, but this case—with its seemingly random victims—has her baffled. But as more people go missing, nothing will be more terrifying than when it all starts making sense…


I wasn’t sure whether to add this because I have already started reading it although I’m only about 30 pages in and it’s over 400 pages long so I decided I would add it.

So, why am I excited to read this book? Well, I managed to get the first 6 of the DI Helen Grace books and from the blurbs they all sound amazing and suspenseful. Obviously being on Bookstagram I hear about books a lot and every time I heard about these they always had so much praise and love so of course I wanted to see if the hype was real for myself. Anyway, I always love a murder mystery, especially when the “murderer” is pegging people against each other in a fight for survival and no one knows whether to believe the “victims” or not. After all, who believe that someone killed their boyfriend because they were told to do so even if you loved them so dearly?

Honestly this book sounds to intriguing and exciting (is that the right word for people dying) and from what I’ve read so far it is although I’m not sure I’m liking how short the chapters are? I don’t particularly like long chapters but I do like a good mix of long and short so I’m not sure how I’ll go with how short these chapters are but we’ll see. For now I’m just really excited to get stuck in to reading this and seeing what happens!

2 – The Trap20170421_104503


For 11 years, the bestselling author Linda Conrads has mystified fans by never setting foot outside her home. Haunted by the unsolved murder of her younger sister–who she discovered in a pool of blood–and the face of the man she saw fleeing the scene, Linda’s hermit existence helps her cope with debilitating anxiety. But the sanctity of her oasis is shattered when she sees her sister’s murderer on television. Hobbled by years of isolation, Linda resolves to use the plot of her next novel to lay an irresistible trap for the man. As the plan is set in motion and the past comes rushing back, Linda’s memories — and her very sanity — are called into question. Is this man a heartless killer or merely a helpless victim?


What isn’t to love about this book? It has a book within a book and a trap to catch a killer! It sounds like the perfect thriller to me. A girl murdered and a vengeful sister who wants revenge for the murder and goes about it by writing a new novel that is set as a trap for the one who killed her sister? Honestly, if my siblings were murdered, I don’t think I’d come up with such a creative way for catching their killer as this but I can’t wait to see how this book plays out when I eventually read it.

It seems to me to probably be slow paced to begin with but I honestly expect a lot of suspense and fast paced narrative as the book gets further into the story and how the trap works out!

3 – Girl UnknownIMG_20170801_110804_472


‘I think you might be my father . . .’

When first-year student Zoë Barry walks into Professor David Connolly’s office and tentatively says these words, he is left reeling. But it is the lives of his family – particularly his wife Caroline – which are turned upside down by the arrival of this stranger.

A daughter, a sister, a friend . . . an enemy?

Though no one knows quite who Zoë is, she is soon entangled in their lives. Yet her stories don’t ring true and Caroline is determined to learn if the girl is the unlucky innocent she claims to be or someone with a far darker agenda.

A deadly cuckoo in the nest . . .Because by letting Zoë in, David and Caroline aren’t just leaving themselves vulnerable. They’re risking the most precious thing in the world – the lives of their children . . .


This book is my TBR Jar book for this month so I should have hopefully have read by the end of this month. I don’t really know what to expect from this though. Of course I expect a mysterious girl to turn up a guys work and and tell him that she thinks he’s her dad but after that? Is she someone to be suspicious of? To fear? Is she their for money? For murder? Or is she just his daughter?

I don’t what to expect but I am looking forward to finding out what happens and who the long lost daughter is and why she has suddenly turned up at her “father’s” work place! I reckon this book may have more twists than old Christmas lights and I cannot wait to find out!

4 – Baby Doll20170505_110726


Held captive for eight years, Lily has grown from a teenager to an adult in a small basement prison. Her daughter Sky has been a captive her whole life. But one day their captor leaves the deadbolt unlocked.

This is what happens next…

…to her twin sister, to her mother, to her daughter…and to her captor.


This book just sounds like a mass of unexpected plot twists and suspense! I mean there’s always things about people who have been held captive for years or all their lives but they generally focus on while the people are captive and what happens to them whilst captive but it’s rare you get the aftermath! What happens to the person held captive after they escape or are rescued?

Now I don’t know whether this is going to be a psychological thriller that focuses on what happens to the girl and her daughter, mentally, after she escape or showcases what actually, physically, happens to them? Whether the captor tries to find them to reclaim their prize or seek revenge for them actually escaping and running back home? Or even if this will turn into a cliche Stockholm Syndrome story but whatever it turns out as (please not the latter) I can’t wait to read it!

5 – The Long Drop20170425_094840


The “trial of the century” in 1950’s Glasgow is over. Peter Manuel has been found guilty of a string of murders and is waiting to die by hanging. But every good crime story has a beginning. Manuel’s starts with the murder of William Watt’s family. Looking no further that Watt himself, the police are convinced he’s guilty. Desperate to clear his name, Watt turns to Manuel, a career criminal who claims to have information that will finger the real killer. As Watt seeks justice with the cagey Manuel’s help, everyone the pair meets has blood on their hands as they sell their version of the truth. The Long Drop is an explosive novel about guilt, innocence and the power of a good story to hide the difference.


This is another book that I don’t know what to expect from it. Why? It’s based on a True Story. Peter Manuel was a real man who was sentenced to the Gallows for 7 murders but it is believed he actually killed 9. However, it will be interesting to see how the fact is mixed in with the fiction. I know sometimes books about true events can be great but sometimes I think authors will focus too much on either the fact or the fiction making the whole book drag a little so I’m hoping that this one has an healthy balance where everything feeds into the story nicely and gives it life and energy instead of draining.

So yes, what to expect from a book based around a real murderer who was hung for his crimes in Scotland? Well, murder I guess?

So, that’s the top 5 books on my Thriller TBR! Anybody read these or what to read them? I can’t wait to read them all and I hope to read at least a few before the end of the year! But for now, I’ll continue on with Eeny Meeny and see what’s happening with this sadistic game of survival.

Until next time, have fun reading guys!

Rachel x


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